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What is BIM?

BIM is building information Model, is a way to add and preserve information in a project from its inception, through its completion, management to its very end. What stands behind the Building Information Modeling is a three-dimensional model that consists of information of every single one of its components. The information is so meticulous and detailed that it covers every possible way the individual elements can be specified by

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How apply BIM effective?

Consulting Service

With knowledge and experience about modeling, coordination, and exploit information in Project Management. We will bring to you advice, or training your team, show value what BIM can be achieved. Show you Insights you never think before.

Modeling Service

Powered by latest technology sofware like Revit, we convert 2D drawing to 3D Model with information, create nice and neat Family depend on Level of Detail.

BIM Management Development

We create, develop tool or software to enhance user can archieve BIM easily.

Revit Addin

Naviswork Addin

Autodesk Forge

Standalone Application

BIM App Development Service

Nowadays, automation is important field in any engineer services. With programming we can boost quality of your product to new level. Less human errors more performance.

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